Community Shared Renewable Energy 

Community shared renewable energy arrangements enable individuals to share in the benefits of renewable energy projects, generally through projects located in, or close to, the community where they live. Community shared solar, for example, can enable renters, or homeowners with poor siting for a solar installation, to own a share of a solar project at an advantageous site. Similar arrangements can enable community members to participate in other types of renewable energy projects that may not be suitable for their own residential site, such as wind, bio-digester, and hydro facilities. Community shared renewable energy projects also enable individuals to participate in renewable energy projects constructed at a larger-than-residential scale, providing economies of scale. Furthermore, community shared renewables projects provide economic benefits in host communities in the form of taxes, or payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT), employment, and in some cases lease payments and/or a share in reduced energy expenditures and revenue from the sale of renewable energy certificates.

Green Markets has compiled and is making available information about community shared renewable energy in the US, with a focus on helping to raise awareness about the potential use of this mechanism in the New England region.

Documents on community shared renewables


Community Shared Solar Review and Recommendations for Massachusetts Models - Prepared by the Cadmus Group for Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources 2013

Community Shared Solar Implementation Guidelines for Massachusetts Communities – Prepared by the Cadmus Group for Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources 2013

Shared Solar Program Comparison Chart – Interstate Renewable Energy Council 2013

A Guide to Community Shared Solar: Utility, Private, and Nonprofit Project Development – National Renewable Energy Laboratory 2012

Model Rules for Shared Renewable Energy Programs - Interstate Renewable Energy Council 2013

Organizations and Businesses Working to Advance Community Renewables Projects:


In the United States


Shared Renewables HQ – A project of Vote Solar

IREC Shared Renewables Webpage

Solar Garden Institute


In the United Kingdom






Community Power Report


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